Simple ways to grow closer to God

By: Lindsey Kettner, Relevant Radio®

You will become what you think about, and “the more we think about [God], the more you will become like Him,” says Father Robert Pagliari, Adjunct Associate Professor of Theology and Religious Studies.

“How often during the week, except for maybe Sunday when we’re on our way to church or coming home from church, do we think about God? Do we say morning prayers, evening prayers, meal prayers and … we’re just doing them out of habit. Are we giving them some thought?” asks Fr. Pagliari.

Are your activities and goals in line with God? “Is our work and what we do, how we earn money, how we invest money, is all of that really in line with our calling to reflect the image of God?” says Fr. Pagliari. “If we don’t do that, if we don’t think about that, we live a very compartmentalized life. And what happens is we become just the opposite of integrity.” If we don’t consider our thoughts and actions and how they fit in with the way God is working in our lives, we may find ourselves moving in one direction, with God in the opposite direction. If we direct our actions and goals towards God, however, we find integrity and wholeness rather than a fractioned life.

You also become what you speak about. Many people say things and don’t think about or realize what words are coming out of their mouth. We can form the habit of taking the Lord’s name in vain, using swear words, gossip, or lying. “We need to stop, listen to ourselves, and catch ourselves—we can do that. If we are in the habit of saying something that we shouldn’t be saying—something negative or a curse word or something—when that happens and we are attune to it, we can stop and repeat the sentence without the expletive so we can do away with bad habits,” explains Fr. Pagliari.

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